Care & Washing

How To Care For Your Riding Apparel

At Arista Equestrian, we understand how important it is that riding apparel be machine washed, so we rigorously test each fabric we consider to ensure it washes beautifully and requires as little care as possible to maintain its shape.

On the label of every Arista product you purchase, you will find specific washing instructions. In most cases, we recommend that you machine wash your Arista garments in cool water and hang them to dry. Most Arista garments do not require ironing but please check individual garment labels to determine if ironing and a temperature setting is recommended.

Arista breeches are made with a high quality Swiss fabric that will provide you with years of riding enjoyment, if cared for properly. There are several breech fabrics we use to make Arista breeches and for all, we recommend machine washing, inside out in cool water, on a delicate cycle. A mild detergent such as Leather Therapy’s Laundry Rinse should be used to protect the leather or synthetic sportsuede. Do not use fabric softener or bleach. Turn your Arista breeches right-side out and hang them to dry. Do not dry your breeches in direct sunlight or extreme heat.

NanoSphere ® technology breeches require simple ironing with medium heat for optimum function.

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